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A paved area of terracotta style slabs almost instantly transports you in mind to a lavish Mediterranean setting reminiscent of holidays, alfresco dining and long evenings outdoors. This remarkably authentic looking manufactured terracotta tile paving by Bradstone has a warm mellow terracotta hue and comes with the pitted surface and rough slightly chipped edges that add character and are ultimately the reason that terracotta paving is sought. These look like immaculately kept century-old tiles and create a rustic, arcadian atmosphere in your garden.

Bradstone have cleverly created the paving in two shapes with compatible dimensions that all you to create a traditional terracotta pattern in your new tiled patio. Both a standard square measuring 300mm x 300mm and elongated hexagonal tiles referred to here as diamonds are available and although they can be used separately to create your patio, they can also be combined to create the pattern as pictured above. This pattern gives a bespoke feel in a similar way to Victorian floor tiles. Note that twice as many diamonds as square tiles are required per area unit to create this pattern in Mellow Terracotta paving, this means 5 squares and 10 diamonds per m².

You can order a free sample to see the quality of this Bradstone terracotta tile paving for yourself. Each tile is 30mm thick and as this is manufactured paving, the thicknesses are consistent between tiles making laying it easier. A dry mix mortar joint is recommended that is then hydrated post-laying to prevent marks on the terracotta surfaces and infilled pits.

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