Bradstone Paving Slabs

While the name Manufactured Paving Slabs might seem slightly less appealing than that of natural stone, the cheap prices and the remarkable styles that can be achieved more than make up for it. These Bradstone manufactured paving slabs are generally composed of concrete made up of cement, reconstituted material and natural aggregates. This is then usually turned into the desired paving by casting or pressing it in moulds that can be either plain to create something like StoneFlair Panache, textured or peak paving or with irregularities and details to create a weathered style such as Old Riven, StoneFlair Gironde or Ashbourne.

The cast of the iconic StoneFlair Bamburgh Mill paving for example was actually created using reclaimed flagstones from the original Bamburgh Mill in Northumberland with all the pockmarks, rounded edges and chips you’d expect from flagstones originally laid in the 1600s. Another striking example of what can be done with manufactured paving slabs is demonstrated by the extraordinary concept of Bradstone log sleepers which despite being stone, have the colour and texture of reclaimed timber with all the hand worked chiselling but without the deterioration and care that actual wood requires.

Manufactured paving is anything but basic and this selection should show you the versatility it offers. While it may lack the unique charm that each piece of natural stone has, the textured effects give a somewhat more authentic feel of aged paving and over time, it gains a weathered, unique look of its own in your garden.

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