Bradstone Natural Stone Paving

Despite the passing of time and cheaper alternatives such as manufactured slabs coming onto the market, natural stone has remained the paving material of choice for many. Bradstone natural stone paving in particular is highly sought after due to the variety of stone types, finishes and colours available as well as the fact that each slab is unique. Natural stone really is the real deal and as mentioned, no two pieces are alike. A repetitive pattern is the biggest give away in manufactured paving and this coupled with the inimitable natural features such as veining in limestone, banding in sandstone and the glistening crystalline property of granite, natural stone paving really gives your outdoor space the wow factor.

Bradstone natural stone paving features a multitude of rock types including limestone, slate, sandstone and granite. Sandstone is by far the most common due to its diverse colours and various finishes and styles that can be applied to it due to its workability. As a result it is available as Antique Natural Sandstone, Smooth Natural Sandstone and regular Natural Sandstone with colours ranging from the orange-red of Rainbow to the cream-green of Fossil Buff.

Limestone is also a popular choice due to its consistent tone and texture and is also easily incorporated as interior tiled flooring as well as for patios. Natural slate is a great material for paving and has bundles of character with plenty of colour irregularities and glorious riven surfaces derived from the layered structure of this metamorphosed shale. It is very hard and relatively non-porous compared to to other stone types. Granite is the final natural stone type I’ll touch upon here and comes under the StoneFlair range. This is a very hard, machine cut paving with a typical granite speckled texture and appearance perfect for minimalistic outdoor spaces.

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