StoneFlair by Bradstone

The StoneFlair range is all about premium quality paving with distinctive styles and features you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere else. Produced by Aggregate, the company that is also behind Bradstone paving, StoneFlair can really give your garden the wow factor with an array of selections including Panache, Old Town, Smooth Natural Sandstone and Granite to name but a few. StoneFlair paving is some of the most visually striking around with bold styles and authentic finishes. Not only does it incorporate high quality materials whether it be natural or reconstituted stone but the design process behind StoneFlair paving is also remarkable with Chelsea Cobble paving a prime example.

StoneFlair by Bradstone is a wide reaching range with products in all of our main categories including block paving (StoneMaster), manufactured paving slabs, natural stone paving and even walls with Panache walling to match the popular paving option. A multitude of styles make up the StoneFlair range with a distinct division occurring between the ultra-modern, minimalist selections like Panache or Natural Granite and the weathered looking options such as Bamburgh Mill, Tuscany, Restoration, Old Town and Cloisters. This just goes to show how StoneFlair has something for everyone so it’s definitely worth looking into this exclusive range if you want to create an outdoor space to be proud of.

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