Bradstone Block Paving

Block paving remains the most used surface for driveways in the UK and it looks as though things are set to stay that way with more and more people adopting it on their properties. This is partly due to the lack of parking spaces in suburban areas and so people are utilising their front gardens more and more for off-street parking spaces. Block paving is ideal for this as the relatively small pavers sit atop a bed of compressed sharp sand which can repeatedly support the weight of a car.

Bradstone offer block paving in a wide variety of styles and price ranges from the economical standard Driveway block paving to the more detailed and traditional Woburn block paving available with an original or rumbled finish. For a contemporary, modern style block paving then it’s worth looking into StoneMaster block paving with its array of colours and smooth, panache finishes. Although block paving is already able to absorb water into its sharp sand bed, Infilta Permeable block paving offers particularly quick drainage and makes for a wise choice in flood prone areas.

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