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Textured paving by Bradstone is one of their cheapest options, yet with its simplistic style and minimalist edge, has a distinctly luxurious air. With its stripped back approach to paving, Textured features a neutral, yet warm, buff colour that contrasts brilliantly with the butt jointed edges of individual slabs. There are no unnecessary details and every aspect to the paving serves a purpose. The textured for example not only breaks up the colour and adds a level of visual detail but it also obviously provides grip and prevents you from slipping, particularly when wet which can be a real hazard with smooth patios.

There are a total of four colours available in Bradstone textured paving, buff as pictured here as well as red, grey and the ever popular blue-black option. The paving slabs are also available in an array of dimensions, mainly squares of 600mm, 450mm and 300mm as well as a long aspect 600mm x 300mm option which can help break up the somewhat monotonous square grid pattern as prescribed with Textured.

This is manufactured paving so there are few imperfection or irregularities present in the slabs. A consistent thickness of 35mm is met which makes it considerably easier to lay on a level bed and as the slabs are perfectly square, they can be butt jointed whereas a joint of 15mm is usually recommended with other paving slab types. Bradstone Textured Paving truly is the perfect economical, budget choice for paving slabs if you want to create a contemporary patio area.

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