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Bradstone’s peak paving offers a selection of great looking, yet considerably cheaper manufactured slab paving in an array of colours and a choice between a smooth or riven texture. This red smooth paving has a desirable faded appearance and is highly durable being a staggering 35mm thick. Although this paving can be laid as a patio, it is recommended by Simply Paving for use on utility areas and sheds.

You can buy peak paving that is either 600mm x 600mm or 450mm x 450mm. Because these numbers work well together, 450mm being 75% of 600mm, they can be mixed to create a more customised paved area with three 600mm paving slabs taking up the same length as four 450mm peak paving slabs.

As mentioned, Bradstone’s peak paving selection is recommended as a more economical, paving range due to it’s manufactured stone composition but due to the level of detail Bradstone put into their paving, it still really has the wow factor.

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