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Sandstone is definitely the direction to go in if you’re looking for affordable natural stone paving with a luxurious edge. Bradstone’s selection of sandstone is truly a marvel to behold and is highly sought after for it’s balance of consistency with the unique traits of each slab. The stone has been masterfully cut and worked to reveal pleasing riven profiles in the faces of the flag stones that add definition to your new paved area while also providing a degree of grip.

As testament to it’s popularity, Bradstone now make their natural sandstone paving in seven different colours to suit your individual tastes. These range from the warm hues of Modac to the relatively dark Cragside and the cool minimalist, contemporary Silver Grey as pictured here. As these are sold as consistent patio packs with dimensions in multiples of 300mm, they are highly compatible and can of course be mixed together to create a unique paved area with diverse, vibrant shades.

However, the silver grey option of Bradstone Natural Sandstone Paving already has a relatively high degree of variation in it’s colour which ranges from fairly consistent light grey slabs to darker flags with lighter striations that run across the faces. The paving slabs have average thicknesses 22mm but bear in mind when laying that this can vary like all natural sandstone paving due to the production and cutting processes.

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