Bradstone Natural Sandstone Paving Autumn Green


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This high quality Bradstone natural stone paving made of a distinctive Autumn green sandstone makes the perfect patio. Sold in convenient patio packs containing sandstone paving slabs of an array of dimensions, this natural sandstone paving bears a highly desirable riven texture that is unique to each paving slab.

The Autumn green colour of this Bradstone patio paving has an olive green colour that aptly tapers into light brown shades. Bradstone natural sandstone paving is 22mm thick and comes in slabs with the dimensions: 300mm x 300mm, 600mm x 300mm, 600mm x 450mm, 600mm x 600mm, 900mm x 600mm. However the patio pack  that is also offered mixes many of these sizes into one convenient pack that can cover 15.30 sq.m with an interesting, irregular composition. There are also circle sets offered for that distinctive central focal point in your new Bradstone patio.

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