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The quality of Bradstone’s natural limestone paving collection is truly astounding and never is this more evident that in the Azure colour variety. This shade of mellow grey compliments the fundamental properties of limestone perfectly being a relatively smooth and consistent stone. The flag stones of this paving have been masterfully worked and display a riven profile as well as hand cut edges which create on the surface of the slabs an edge quality that walks the narrow tightrope between accuracy and character.

Limestone paving is some of Bradstone’s best selling natural stone options and is available in two other colours, blue-black and Honeymede. The Azure variety as pictured here bears a grey colour which features subtle hues of blues and greens. The slabs can be picked out by a contrasting light joint choice or blended by opting for a similar coloured option. Either way, a gap of 15mm is recommended between slabs and if used, a mixed patio pack should cover 15.30m². The patio packs feature an array of limestone flags with varying dimensions to create a diverse paved area.

Bradstone Natural Limestone Paving Azure slabs are advertised as being 22mm thick but please bear in mind that this is an approximate measurement. Due to the nature of natural limestone paving with each flag being unique, there will always be slight differences in thickness due to the riven production which you should bear in mind when laying.

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