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Bradstone’s iconic Magnablock block paving was conceived with economy and installation in mind. However, this Bradstone paving option also has a remarkably modern and alternative style due to the large format block pavers. Currently available in just a classic brindle like colour, this all round block paving is highly competitive in terms of its cheap price but also doesn’t look as generic as some other entry level block paving which can lack character. It can also work well when combined with a border of a different Bradstone block paving variety with a contrasting colour.

Magnablock is far quicker to lay than conventional block paving with dimensions of 300mm x 200mm x 60mm as opposed to a traditional 200mm x 100mm x 50mm. The extra 10mm gained over the most basic of block paving makes Magnablock slightly more durable and hardwearing and it’s absolutely ideal for driveways. Due to the 3:2 ratio of the edges compared to 2:1 of regular block paving, it isn’t as easy to achieve a herringbone pattern although there are a variety of other more elaborate patterns that can be accomplished. However, I’d recommend a standard brick bond layout for a neater edge.

This highly functional and most of all efficient approach to block paving by maximising the possible size should result in an overall reduction in costs and help you come in under budget. The brindle like colour of the Magnablock classic paving has pink red tones that at points merge into blue-grey colour.

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