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A remarkably diverse and adaptable walling range by Bradstone, Countryside with its rustic buff colour has a variety of uses and due to its double sided nature can be used to create a wide array of wall shaped such as the round ‘well-type’ structure and the zig-zagging corner walls as pictured. The bricks have a rough and largely rounded appearance accentuating the mortar lines and the authentic brick material of your new garden wall. This gives an overall appearance of a dressed stone wall meaning that each individual piece has been hand-worked to achieve a desirable shape.

Given that Bradstone Countryside walling comes in three different sized bricks, it’s easy to create a varied and visually appealing bond structure in the brick work. The bricks have consistent thicknesses of 90mm and heights and lengths of 215mm and 63mm. It’s advised that you don’t mix all three types as this can make it very complicated to lay although a mix of any two can work really well.

The Countryside range is one of Bradstone’s cheapest walling varieties and can really save you money with more complex options costing almost twice as much. Countryside walls perform just as well and as mentioned have many applications whether it be walls, raised beds, pillars and dividers. A 10mm joint is recommended to allow for natural movement over time and to really achieve the walls intended style.

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