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The Ashbourne range by Bradstone Paving is made up of an array of great value, manufactured paving slabs with a distinctive riven texture. This rustic styled paving is ideal for patio and comes in conveniently pre-mixed patio packs with a variety of paving slab sizes. It makes it easy to create a randomised arrangement of slabs on your patio with dimensions that work well together such as 600mm, 450mm and 300mm.

Within the large patio pack which retails at just £240.99 and covers 12.96 sq.m, you’ll find 32 slabs measuring 450mm x 450mm, 16 slabs measuring 600mm x 450mm and 16 slabs with dimensions 300mm x 450mm. A smaller patio pack is available for incase your area is less than 12.96 sq.m but the larger pack does of course offer better value and is the cheapest per square meter.

The Bradstone Ashbourne Paving Cotswold slabs could be described as a dusty beige and is perfect for Mediterranean style gardens. Each slab is 32mm thick and is best suited to a 10-15mm joint between adjacent paving slabs. Note that Ashbourne paving is also available in several other colours and shades that mix well together. The remarkably realistic weathered riven texture is one of the key aspects that has gone on to make Bradstone Ashbourne paving one of the most popular varieties around.

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