StoneFlair by Bradstone Smooth Natural Sandstone Paving Rainbow


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Every slab of this natural sandstone paving by Bradstone’s StoneFlair range is unique and every stone tells a story. This smooth texture sandstone features a warm hue described here as rainbow and is some of the most vibrant natural paving around. The banding revealed in cross section when each flagstone of sandstone is diamond cut shows layers of alternating sandstone colours between red and mauve depositions. The remarkable geology of this desert sandstone is testament to the level of work that goes into¬†StoneFlair by Bradstone Smooth Natural Sandstone Paving Rainbow.

This banded sandstone has a distinctly modern feel and has a high specification appearance and clean smooth surfaces. It is sold in mixed patio packs which make it simply to lay out your natural sandstone paving in an array of sizes that are compatible with each other for clean, straight joints and edges. A joint with of between 2 and 5mm is advised with this paving which adds to its contemporary style. Note when laying and maintaining this paving that sandstone is porous and prone to staining. Be sure not to get any mortar or other substances on the face of the rainbow coloured stones when laying by keeping them covered and then impregnate the surface of the sandstone with Signo sealant to help them resist staining and keep them looking at their best.

StoneFlair is Bradstone high-end range and features mostly modern styled paving with mixed colours, shapes and sizes to create patterns and centrepieces.  StoneFlair paving makes a great focal point in the garden and transforms paving from something that could be mundane into the main feature of an outdoor space.

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