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As one of StoneFlair’s best selling options, the Panache range has now become available in a total of six complimentary colours and a choice between two surface finishing textures. The cause for the success of Panache paving has been it’s minimalist contemporary and most of all simplistic approach to paving which not only looks great but adds an affordable aspect to premium quality paving.

Bradstone Panache paving revolves around square 450 x 450 manufactured paving slabs which fit together neatly due to their fine tuned, consistent shapes and sizes. This adds to the modern look and feel that the neutral colours and texture that Panache already offers to create a sleek, elegant paving solution that is also highly versatile being able to fit around various garden features as pictured above simply by leaving out certain slabs. Doing this with other paving types might give an unfinished look without border or edging pieces but with Panache’s minimalist style, anything can be achieved.

This information focuses mainly on the Chocolate Textured option from StoneFlair’s Panache although as mentioned it is available in a total of six colours and two textures. The colours have been carefully selected to follow two separate colour schemes. In the case of the chocolate option, it is intended to be coupled with the cream and fudge colours to create a brown-beige colour scheme although due to the versatility of Panache it can of course be coupled with other colours as well.

The textured finish is also shown which gives the surfaces of Panache paving slabs a gently stippled, rough surface which not only looks great and blends the colours brilliantly but also gives a level of grip which is important to bear in mind if your patio is going to be an outdoor entertainment and socialising space.

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