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Many people carrying out landscaping work on their property tend to turn to the StoneFlair by Bradstone range if they’re after a modern and contemporary style of paving. The Panache selection has always been a popular choice in this respect and now it is available as block paving as well as the previous Panache paving slab flagstone format. Block paved driveways were starting to get a bit dreary and these panache pavers really offer a splash of life to the field.

Panache block paving has an ultra-modern style with crisp, perfect edges and uniform paver colours in two different colour schemes which include black, silver grey, white, cream, chocolate and fudge. The three former colours are monochromatic and come in shades of grey. These are intended to take on the general appearance of granite with lighter speckles throughout. The three later colours; cream, fudge and chocolate have a warm, brown colour scheme and are also highly desirable as they bear a close resemblance to sandstone.

All the available colours of Panache, as well as all other Bradstone block paving choices are made from concrete which contains a level of recycled aggregates to use up waste hardcore effectively. Panache block paving is sold in mixed packs with various sized blocks which look great when mixed. These can either be randomly arranged or an idea could be to use pavers of the same dimensions in one row for a staggered effect. The colours can also of course be mixed although I’d recommended sticking to the two colour schemes and not mixing the silver grey with chocolate or fudge as this can give a slightly cluttered appearance which detracts from the contemporary, minimalistic style of Panache block paving.

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