StoneFlair by Bradstone Old Town Chelsea Cobble Paving Weathered Limestone


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This has to be one of the most unique takes on paving I’ve ever seen and quite rightly so has won a number of awards. It’d take a very keen eye to notice that this seemingly irregular, hand laid cobble paving is in fact made up of easy to lay modules but the end result is truly remarkable with rough hewn, circular cobbles of varying sizes making up a uniform, yet irregular, structured rudaceous surface.

The modular slabs with curved edges fit seamlessly together with the largest circles protruding from one slabs and fitting nearly into an inlet in adjacent modules. With adjacent slabs being laid in differing directions, it becomes very difficult to notice that they are in fact identical, just rotated. This rotation changes the orientation of the Chelsea Cobble’s arrangement and helps build up an overall Old Town feel for your new patio. Each modular slab has a total thickness of 40mm and the round cobbles jut out from the base leaving crevices between them which can then be infilled with pointing mortar to blend the gaps between sections.

StoneFlair Chelsea Cobble paving isn’t just for patios through. As has been demonstrated in several pictures, it works really well for borders, narrow paths and dividers in gardens. It has also been designed with ponds, small garden rivers and general water features in mind as the circular cobbles vaguely resemble the rounded stones on the floor of a riverbed and the Weather Limestone colour looks great when wet.

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