StoneFlair by Bradstone Natural Granite Paving Silver Grey 600 x 600


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Somewhat of a natural stone approach to the popular StoneFlair Panache selection, Natural Granite is the perfect stone choice for a minimalist, clean cut and high quality paving. The granite used has a consistent Silver Grey colour throughout made up of a lighter grey background with speckles of darker, porphyritic crystals throughout and the occasional subtle white reflective crystalline area. The overall effect is a paving with a stunning amount of detail close up with a real wow factor and from a distance,  non-intrusive, contemporary and most of all high quality stone.

As natural granite paving is all about its plain and neutral appearance, it makes sense that the edges of these 600 x 600 square slabs have been machine cut to form perfect edges that blend into one another. These crisp edges help create distinctive lines in your garden between paved and lawn areas and the versatility of square flagstones allows you to simply leave out certain slabs in your paved area for plants and other features.

The surface of the natural granite paving has is textured, otherwise known as flamed, and provides a good level of grip. However it is vital that you pay attention to which side of each slab is textured so that you lay them the right way up. It might sound silly but it happens, particularly with a minimalist paving option like granite. You’ll be glad to hear that despite granite’s reputation as an ultra-premium quality stone and its durability, this is actually reasonably priced and if anything could be considered cheap paving costing far less than some manufactured options.

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