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Probably the most authentic looking manufactured paving you’ll ever find, Gironde paving from the StoneFlair by Bradstone range aims to recreate the look and feel of centuries-old limestone flagstones  that feel as though they were first laid in the middle ages. The occasional indentations that scatter stones give the impression not just of weather-worn limestone but of flagstones sculpted by the hustle and bustle of everyday life in a French town which is exactly what Gironde paving has attempted to achieve.

This paving is currently only available in a buff colour but I’m not sure any other colour could work as well as this charmingly neutral shade. It has the creamy, dusty colour you’re used to seeing in a limestone and the flagstones themselves seem elegantly pure and neutral with no obvious flaws or imperfections in the grain. The surface of the slabs feature pitting and roughness to a degree but this undoubtedly feels like it has been smoothed over the ages.

As with a lot of Bradstone paving, Gironde is sold in a convenient mixed patio pack with an array of sizes that are highly compatible with one another to make it easy for your to achieve an interlocking style of flagstones. These slabs are 40mm thick, far thicker than what we’re used to when it comes to manufactured paving revealing the evidently premium quality to them. This really is the perfect style of paving for summer and winter alike with its continental feel and although the features of the stone are a great focal point, the Gironde style isn’t too distracting.

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