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The innovative use of a netted base on StoneFlair carpet stones make it quick and easy to install while still being highly versatile and easy to customise to fit unusually shaped areas. Just as mosaic bathroom tiles in recent years have been fixed to a backing matt to allow you to lay hundreds of small tiles at the same speed you would one large one, these cobbled carpet stones come in matts that are 4 cobbles by 13.5 cobbles in size which equates to 1200 x 400 in millimetres. The cobbles are staggered to achieve a traditional brick-bond pattern with half-cobbles making up the end stones of each length.

As mentioned though, theses sections are highly customisable as with something as simple as scissors, the backing matt can be cut to enable the carpet stones to fit around any obstacles. Charcoal cobble stones are also versatile as they can be used for patios, pathways and are rapidly growing in popularity as a driveway paving material. The small size of individual carpet stones means that just like block paving, they aren’t prone to break under the force of a cars wheels as could occur with large format paving slabs.

Laying cobbles stones without this matt method is very time intensive and labour costs for filling a large areas such as a driveway or patio will be very high. As for jointing such an intricate structure, hand pointing with a wet mix mortar would be equally as time intensive although a dry mix mortar brushed in can be very effective. It is also possible to infill the gap between each carpet stones with small aggregates such as pebbles or gravel which looks great against the charcoal colour of these cobbles.

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