Bradstone Woburn Rumbled Infilta Permeable Block Paving Graphite


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This Bradstone block paving has all the character and detail of a classic Woburn Rumbled option but aside from the traditional aesthetic qualities, this premium block paving also has an important, practical aspect. This Infilta Permeable block paving has been purposely designed to allow water to pass through it and prevent flooding to your house. The unique composition of Infilta Permeable block paving means that when combined with a permeable aggregate as a bedding, water is stored underneath and can either be harvested in a bowser, diverted to a drainage system or allowed to seep into the earth. This Infilta Permeable block paving offers an affordable way to meet the new housing laws that aim to help prevent flooding.

The graphite colour of this Bradstone Woburn Rumbled block paving gives a cool, modern appearance to your driveway or paths. Note that Woburn Rumbled Infilta Permeable is also available in 2 other colours and a total of three sizes which can be easily mixed and combined to create a bespoke block paved area. This premium quality Bradstone block paving is 60mm thick, 10mm thicker than regular block paving and therefor more durable. You can easily request a free sample of this Bradstone block paving to help you decide and can purchase it in packs of 624 which can cover 8.32 sq.m.

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