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While block paving may be the most commonly used surface for driveways, this popularity has made it a decidedly basic option in its typical form of 200mm x 100mm perfectly rectangular blocks in a standard brindle colour. Many have sought a more rustic weathered looking option and thus, Bradstone Woburn Rumbled block paving came to be. Available in three different sized blocks ranging from rectangles to squares, these blocks have a rougher, more irregular texture and rounder edges which have derived from the rumbled treatment given to finish this Woburn style block paving.

Fossil buff has proven to be one of the most popular colour classes when it comes to paving and I think this is due to it’s generally light shade which gives a warm, Mediterranean feel and its colour variations with some stones bearing an orange-beige, some a subtle green and some a pink-brown colour. However as block paving is manufactured, this Fossil Buff doesn’t feature small fossils as can be the case with Fossil Buff natural sandstone paving.

To give your new block paved area that hard to achieve finished look, matching Woburn Rumbled Kerb stones also by Bradstone are available for the borders and edges which are great, defining, finishing touches. These are available in three colours including Fossil Buff although I’d advise the graphite colour for contrast against this block paving. Circle packs are also available in Woburn Rumbled which make ideal centrepiece features.

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