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Block paving remains the nations most used paving type for driveways and paths due to its versatile nature and extraordinary ability to repeatedly bear the weight of heavy cars without breaking. This comes from the thickness and relatively small sizes of individual block pavers, the interlocking patterns used and the laying of them over a bed of compressed sharp sand.

Aside from the cheaper standard blocking paving with monotonous colours and regular, rectangular 200mm x 100mm sizes, the Woburn ranges by Bradstone add a refined, rustic style mimicking the style of days-gone-by. The paving mentioned here is classed as Woburn Original although it is also available as Woburn Rumbled (which has a rougher, more irregular appearance) and Woburn Infilta Permeable (which is especially quick draining and can prevent flooding).

As opposed to basic block paving which is usually recommended to lay in a herringbone pattern, the array of sizes that Woburn Original paving is available in allows you to use a brick-bond pattern while retaining the interlocking structure which reinforces your paving in two dimensions. All Woburn Original pavers have a thickness of 50mm and a width of 134mm although they’re available in three lengths: 100mm, 134mm, and 200mm. The colour pictured here is defined as rustic and is made up of a multitude of shades including grey, dark blue and pinky oranges, reminiscent of faded brindle in other words.

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