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If you’re looking to create an outdoor space shipped straight from a different time period on a budget, then Bradstone Weathered Riven could be the perfect solution for you. It begs belief that such an authentic looking paving can also be one of the cheapest around but the technology of manufactured paving produced by pressing concrete into moulds means that anything is possible.

The surfaces of these slabs as you’d expect have riven profiling which means that varying height levels or plateaus exist on the surface. This derives from the feature of natural stone paving that is created as the rock is pried apart to produce separate slabs. However in this Bradstone Paving, the riven texture is softened as it is intended to look weathered.¬†Another noticeable feature is the irregularities and rough edges of the slabs known as a fettled edge in the trade. However as this is manufactured paving, the slabs still have a reliable square shape and these rough edges only exist at the surface where they are visible to give you characteristic paving that is also easy to lay.

Weathered Riven paving is currently only available as 450 x 450 square slabs but this can be bought in two different colours which can be mixed for a customised patio as they both have thicknesses of 35mm. The colour featured here is Autumn Cotswold which has a warm hue and colours that interplay between a cream and a dark beige. The other colour option is referred to as Weathered Cotswold.

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