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The StoneMaster range is essentially what StoneFlair by Bradstone translates as into block paving and features some of their premium quality block pavers with a distinctly modern feel. This paving is made up of blocks which are both mixed in terms of sizes and colours which equates to a contemporary styled paved area with an appearance reminiscent of television static. Although block paving is usually prescribed for driveways, I’ve found that the StoneMaster options from Bradstone also make an elegant solution for patios.

If you’re willing to spend a little extra on Bradstone block paving, you really do get higher specification product. StoneMaster block paving comes pre-sealed with a special solution which protects the surface of the stones from being stained by everyday substances such as mud, oil and moss. It keeps your new paving looking newer and crisper for longer and is certainly money well spent. The mixed shades grey option for StoneMaster block paving is made up of a blend of light grey, mid grey and dark grey stones which are also available to buy separately. The combined purchase of the three to achieve the mixed appearance will cover 30.60m² with a total of 1200 individual stones.

As mentioned the dimensions of the block paving pieces also varies within each pack but have dimensions that work well together to make them easy to lay in a random fashion. They all have thicknesses of 50mm with widths of 150mm to create parallel lines and then have lengths of either 100mm, 150mm, 200mm or 250mm.

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