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One of the best aspects of opting for a top paving brand like Bradstone is that they product both paving and walling in matching styles. A prime example of this is their Old Town selection which is an unmistakable rustic style of days of old and a certain Mediterranean quality to it. The Old Town paving is very popular choice for new patios and paths and has a weather worn style with smoothed out indentations and irregularities.

Old Town Walling follows in this vein with their full blocks bearing striations and markings giving the effect that the blocks were hand chiselled. These plentiful features give bundles of character to the wall which also has composite, carefully arranged appearance as each full block of Old Town walling (which measures 450mm x 140mm x 145mm) is made up of several smaller protrusions to create the effect of an authentic stone wall. By combining these smaller stones into larger, regular stones, you get a wall that is easy and quick to build that also has the structural strength that a regularised, brick-bond wall offers.

As for available colours with Bradstone Old Town walling, at this time there are only two options as is the case with the Old Town paving. A choice of Weathered Limestone as picture in this example which has a warm, cream-beige colour that verges onto an orange hue in areas as well as a Grey-Green which shouldn’t need further description. These colours match the Old Town paving although they also compliment each other brilliantly and and so could be mixed up to create a vibrant and diverse garden.

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