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Slate is amongst the most desirable natural stone paving varieties due to it’s highly durable qualities, it’s stunning appearance and distinctive texture. This slate paving produced by Bradstone has a distinctive colouration known as Vijaya Gold that gives the slate a variable colour that ranges between dark grey and golden brown for a unique patio or paved area.

The vivid Vijaya Gold colour of the slates gives a modern yet rustic feel combined with the texture and production method of this natural stone paving. A hand riven texture is given to the surface of the slate but the edges a diamond cut to give perfectly straight, sharp borders.

This review mainly focuses on Bradstone slate paving slabs of the dimensions 300mm x 300mm. However the Vijaya Gold slate paving is also available in other sizes including 600mm x 600mm and 300mm x 600mm as well as a convenient mixed patio pack. These sizes work well together and can be easily combined as the dimensions are multiples of each other. Note that due to the natural stone nature of this paving, the thicknesses of the slabs can vary by 2mm to 3mm from an average of 20mm thick.

Although slate is known as a hard stone material, it can also be considered to be brittle under concentrated, sudden pressure to it’s important to give 100% coverage of the bedding mortar as you would with floor tiles. We recommend a joint width of 15mm between slate slabs to allow for movement over time.

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