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Slate is somewhat of a premium choice when it comes to natural stone paving but Bradstone’s slate is actually very competitively priced making it an option open to pretty much anyone. This variety of Bradstone slate paving has a blue-black colour which is the typical colour for slate equating to a greyish shade of navy blue. There is still a wide variation in shades between individual slabs which looks great and there can also still be specks of the brown-gold slate in with the blue-black slate although not nearly as much as in Vijaya Gold. The relatively uniform blue-black colour gives this slate paving a decidedly modern appearance and is perfect if you’re aiming to achieve a minimalist style.

The great thing about slate is that it can be used both outdoors in patios but also for interior applications such as in kitchens or conservatories. Note that interior slate paving slabs are often unsuitable for outside use as you might expect but the slightly more expensive, thicker outdoor slate slabs such as these can be used in both interior and exterior settings. Using the same slabs in your kitchen out onto the patio really ties the two areas together and is perfect if you have french or large sliding doors to give the illusion of one continuous area. This slate paving is sold in patio packs which cover 10.20m² each.

Please note that as slate is a metamorphosed rock, the grains and particles that made up the shale have been melded together due to heat and pressure and as a result slate is far less porous than other materials such as limestone. This can means that slate doesn’t adhere to a bed of mortar as readily as porous natural stones and an admix of SBR should be mixed into your mortar to help it bond. This slate has machine cut edges (diamond sawn) for perfect dimensions and crisp edges. However the surface of the slate has a riven profile due to the way natural slate is pried apart into slabs giving this Bradstone slate paving the perfect balance modernity and character.

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