Bradstone Natural Sandstone Walling Autumn Green


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While Bradstone might be better known for their paving, they also produce some high quality walling intended for gardens. They had a charming, almost Mediterranean touch to any outdoor spaces and have a natural, rustic feel. This mainly comes from the unique shape of each walling brick, in this case, the rough corners and edges of the natural sandstone material. The natural sandstone of the walling has an Autumn Green colour which gives a dark beige colour that features a green tinge. Sandstone is a popular material for walling favoured for it’s rough, weathered appearance.

This Bradstone walling is sold in ultra-convenient mixed packs with an array of dimensions to help you to easily achieve this traditional, rustic appearance by fitting the bricks together in a random order. It’s vital to use a 10mm joint between sections and this is already included in the dimensions of each brick. This irregularity is as mentioned continued in the dimensions of the bricks, particularly the heights of each brick. Because of this, it’s important to first arrange the bricks into piles with the same height to be used on the same course of Bradstone walling to create a structurally sound wall that will serve as a great focal point for your garden.

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