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Sandstone is one of the most widely used materials for natural stone paving in the UK due to its versatility and the range of styles and finishes that can be applied to it. This simple and highly affordable sandstone paving is from Bradstone’s natural range and features bundles of character due to the riven profiling of each slab and the fact that every slab contains unique features such as the banding of the sediment or the tonal variations present. Many people seek out sandstone for its vibrancy and the Modac colour option is ideal if you’re after red sandstone paving with its warm hues that range from pinky oranges to buff shades.

The end result is a stunning sandstone patio with an appearance that closely resembles desert sandstone which gains a reddish tinge due to the oxidisation that occurs. However, even in individual slabs, theres a multitude of colour variation in this natural sandstone paving as the banding (which shows the order in which sediment was deposited) often alternates between different hues. Also, the Modac Bradstone colour option also has certain slabs which have a more beige-buff neutral colouration to add some diversity to your patio.

As this is such a popular paving variety, Bradstone have created it in a wide variety of size options including mixed patio packs, ring circle kits and even as setts which are essentially individual cobbles stones that are ideal for borders. The mixed four size patio pack we feature here features an array of slabs with varying dimensions ranging from 300 x 300 up to 900 x 600 as well as 600 x 600 and 600 x 300. These lengths are all multiples of 300mm and so fit together easily to create a bespoke looking patio. Note that sandstone is a porous material and could be prone to staining during the pointing process or by oily residues. We recommend sealing the sandstone as soon as possible and also opting for a dry mix mortar when pointing.

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