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Sandstone is by far the most popular type of natural stone paving for gardens and patios and so is available in a multitude of styles and varieties. This example however is taken from the standard natural sandstone selection of the Bradstone range and so displays a degree of characteristic features such as riven profiles and roughened edges as opposed to the Smooth and Antique options that are also available. However where this sandstone paving stands out is its unique colour, or should I say colours, that come under the Fossil Buff umbrella. Another extraordinary element to the Fossil Buff option is the presence of small fossils set within certain slabs as the name might suggest.

As a medium, sandstone is favoured for the amount of natural variations and the unique appearance of each slab and never is this more visible than in Fossil Buff sandstone which exhibits varying levels of banding and colour blending and a smorgasbord of hues ranging from a white-beige, to pink, green, orange-browns and yellows. While some chose to mix two different colour classifications to achieve a more diverse patio, this simply isn’t necessary with Fossil Buff.

This is natural stone paving and so just as the appearance of each slab is unique, so are the dimensions to a degree. While the length and width of each slab may be consistent enough to not present an issue, the thickness of the slabs can vary which you should bear in mind while laying to achieve a level surface. The way the slabs are separated creates a riven surface which actually offers a level of traction to prevent slipping in wet weather. However this riven profiling is also highly sought after and many manufactured paving slab varieties such as Weathered Riven attempt to imitate it.

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1 review for Bradstone Natural Sandstone Paving Fossil Buff

  1. 4 out of 5

    Nice paving, I like the mix of colours you get mx the pattern of the sandstone. Only 4 stars though as the price was a bit steep in my opinion and a few of the slabs had things wrong with them. They came in handy for edges and cuts but not great if you’re hoping to use all of them. Would order from them again though

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