Bradstone Moorland Walling Autumn Brown


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The aptly named Bradstone Moorland walling selection offers anyone the chance to recreate a classic, Cumbrian styled dry stone wall in the garden without having to call in highly skilled professional stone masons. Although not visible in the end result, the multitude of thin strips of slate-styled rock ingeniously come pre-arranged and formed into convenient brick shaped sections that fit easily together like standard block work. Specially made end coping and on-end stones are also available for that luxurious finishing touch.

Moorland walling comes in either full or half block sections that fit easily together with a recommended 10-15mm joint. The full blocks have the dimensions 450mm x 120mm x 110mm so as you can see, a dry stone styled wall can be quickly erected. The only indication of the dry stone wall being a replica is that the slates align on the perps of the bricks but this is barely noticeable to the untrained eye. The thin stone sections of Bradstone Moorland walling have a riven edge profiling which is particularly visible on the ends of the coping.

The autumn brown colour of the Moorland walling stone gives a pleasant warm yet neutral colour and has an already rustic appearance. Order a free sample for yourself to see the quality and potential of Bradstone Moorland as a dry stone walling alternative.

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