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For heavily weathered looking block paving, look no further than the Monksbridge range by Bradstone. This premium quality block paving has worn edges that are in places chipped and instantly gives your driveway or path the appearance of being from another period. The convincing aged appearance is currently very in demand and while it may take decades for block paving to age in this way, Monksbridge offers this style instantly.

This Monksbridge block paving has a Royale colour which could be described as a faded brindle red-blue tone. This block paving is also available in two other colours, Croft and Cinder, although I feel they contrast too greatly to be mixed and combined in the same paved area as is possible with other Bradstone block paving. The mixed packs that Monksbridge block paving comes in contain 4 different sizes that are highly compatible with each other. Monksbridge is 50mm and 150mm wide and has varying lengths of 250mm, 200mm, 150mm and 100mm.

Bradstone Monksbridge is sold in convenient packs that cover 9.60 sq.m as well as in half-load and full-loads at slightly cheaper prices per square meter. This premium block paving is your go-to option if you’re searching for weathered block paving and is also available at an outstandingly cheap price.

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