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This innovative take on premium manufactured paving by Bradstone involves forming slabs to have a wood appearance and texture similar to the worn, roughly cut style of timber sleepers found under old railway lines. Although these pieces of wood may come at a premium, Bradstone offer these remarkably realistic looking slabs that are readily available, incredibly hard wearing and won’t rot or require maintenance as real wood would.

Not only can these log sleeper effect paving slabs form a patio area of pathway but they can also be used in other ways and as focal points. As pictured, they have been fitted vertically to retain soil behind steps or can be easily laid as the steps themselves or stepping stones in a lawn. For this purpose, the Bradstone log sleepers can be purchased individually for just under £15 each but for better value, it’s worthwhile purchasing a pack of 23 which can cover 5.18m².

The convincing texture of Bradstone Log Sleepers Antique Brown paving has been achieved by mimicking the worn out grain lines and missing knots as would have happened over time to authentic timber sleepers. There are also marks reminiscent of carpenters chisel work where the timber sleepers would have been roughly shaped to serve the purpose of being flat but not for aesthetically smooth reasons. This adds bundles of character to these log sleepers that make a great conversation piece for guests in your garden. The paving slabs have an aptly named Antique Brown colour which furthers the authentic aged timber effect trying to be achieved.

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