Bradstone Driveway Block Paving Brindle


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Bradstone’s selection of so-called Driveway block paving may be some of the most economical but it is also incredibly hard wearing and has a great overall appearance. This is also some of the best selling Bradstone paving as it seems to tick all the boxes and although intended primarily for driveways, it also works just a well on patios and pathways.

The brindle colour of this Bradstone block paving gives it a red-grey colour that is commonly found on driveways. Block paving is often used for driveways for its ability to bear the weight of a car in concentrated areas. Although block paving my sag or dip in places over time (although only if improperly laid) a block paver will virtually never crack if properly bedded.

The Bradstone driveway block paving has dimensions of 200mm x 100mm x 50mm, a fairly standard for block pavers. Bradstone produced this block paving in an array of 7 colours that compliment each other well and can be easily mixed in one driveway as they share the same dimensions.

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