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The Ashbourne range by Bradstone just goes to show that even the cheapest paving can have a distinctive, traditional and elegant look through the innovation that moulded manufactured paving offers with its weathered appearance and subtle riven profiling. However while some paving slabs can go a bit overboard with their distressed appearances and shapes, the Ashbourne range looks more like paving that was of the highest quality when it was made and has been gently weathered over the years.

Not only does manufactured paving like the Ashbourne selection benefit from remarkably cheap prices but it is also easy to lay and set out with little variation between slabs and consistently straight edges and perfect corners. Ashbourne paving slabs interlock perfectly but still retain the appearance of handworked, chisseled edges that have become muted and softened over time. I use the word interlock as Ashbourne is sold in patio packs that are made up of slabs of varying sizes with the dimensions 300mm, 450mm and 600mm for compatibility. Both small and large patio pack options are available.

Bradstone Ashbourne paving is available in several colours that each have subtly muted tones. The option pictured here is defined as York Gold and has a generally golden beige colour with hints of pink-red tones throughout to give your garden a warm, mediterranean feel even in the deepest, darkest of winter days. If you’re covering a large area with Ashbourne, its worth noting that a ring circle pack is also available that makes for a brilliant centre piece.

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