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Sandstone is a remarkably versatile paving material and never has this been more evident than in the sublime Antique Natural Sandstone selection by Bradstone. The granular structure or composition of sandstone and the relative softness of the material makes it very easy to work with and achieve a wide arrange of styles such as this Antique finish with a weathered and rumbled appearance without the slabs splitting down lines of weakness. Essentially it isn’t as brittle as a hard stone like slate and so these finishes such as Antique and Smooth can be applied without creating flaws in the stone.

The antique style of this paving couples brilliantly with the Cragside colour which can be described as a murky grey-green with areas of warm brown. It is perfect for natural feeling gardens that are proud to be british rather than mimicking Mediterranean styles and instantly evokes a Scottish Highlands setting. The antique finish gives a complex riven profile to the surface of the slabs and a flakey appearance which can be caused by freeze-thaw weathering. Not only does this look amazing but also offers a level of extra grip. The Cragside colour generally gives this paving an already somewhat ‘wet-look’ but it looks even more amazing during rain and just imagine what it’ll look like after a few years when moss and lichen start to settle.

As with the rest of Bradstone’s sandstone paving ranges, this Cragside Antique style sandstone is available in many different sized slabs but is sold as a convenient Four Size Patio Pack which is made up of 48 slabs in total with dimensions ranging between 300mm and 900mm. All slab lengths are multiples of 300mm and so are really compatible and easy to line up to create mixed patterns. I recommend a dry mortar mix or sealing your new sandstone prior to pointing as the material is slightly porous and could become stained by wet cement.

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