Bradstone are one of the biggest names in UK paving and offer an extensive range of block paving, premium manufactured slabs and natural stone paving in a wide array of styles from modern options in the StoneFlair range to the rustic, weathered choices such as Weathered Riven or Woburn Rumbled. Bradstone offer block paving and paving slabs for driveways, paths and patios and are bound to have a solution for you. They also produce walling, carpets stones, edging and setts to give your new paving those finishing touches. Many of their paving styles are available in a wide array of colours and sizes and are often sold in convenient mixed patio packs.

They supply many of the main paving retailers including B&Q, Travis Perkins, Building Supplies Online and Simply Paving. The latter of which, we recommend for all your paving needs due to their extensive Bradstone paving selection, competitive pricing, conditional free delivery and 5 star customer reviews rating. Read our Bradstone paving reviews and information to help you decide which options are right for you and then go on to purchase your new driveway pavers or patio flagstones from Simply Paving through our green buttons to get the cheapest prices. You can easily navigate and view Bradstone paving on our site by block paving, manufactured paving slabs, natural stone paving, carpet stones, StoneFlair and walling using the menu above or the information below.

Bradstone Block Paving

Block Paving
The selection of block paving offered by Bradstone is simply sublime and comes in a wide array of styles, colours and dimensions. This paving type is a popular choice for driveways due to its relative cheapness and ability to bear massive weights due to the way block paving is bedded on a layer of sand and aggregate. Some well known Bradstone block paving styles include Woburn Rumbled and Driveway Infilta as well as some more basic, plain options that come in a range of colours.

It also popular for paths as the small size of individual pavers (typically 200mm x 100mm) makes it highly versatile and gives you the ability to arrange the blocks precisely around obstacles such as raised beds, bends and steps. For durability and to keep block paving economical, it is typically made from a dyed and pressed concrete. Matching kerb stones also from the Bradstone paving range are available to compliment your block paved driveway.

Bradstone Paving Slabs

Paving Slabs
Paving slabs manufactured by Bradstone are favoured for the economical pricing and consistent high quality. The innovative appliacation of weathered textures in Bradstone paving slabs make it possible for anyone to afford a stunning patio  with a charming rustic appearance such as Weathered Riven paving. A variety of colours and dimensions of Bradstone manufactured paving slabs are available that can be combined easily to create a mixed, diverse patio that is unique to your garden.

These are known as manufactured paving slabs and are usually produced by pressing a concrete mix into pre-formed moulds, some of which are made using genuinely recovered, original flagstones from historic sites such as Bamburgh Mill. The concrete mix often features a level of recycled aggregates as well as pigments for colour. This may sound like quite an industrial, unnatural process but the end result is paving barely distinguishable from natural stone.

Bradstone Natural Stone Paving

Natural Stone PavingAlthough it may come at a premium, many people still opt for natural stone paving due to it’s inimitable appearance, texture and the unique structure of each paving slab. Bradstone incorporate many varieties of natural stone in their paving including sandstone, limestone, travertine, granite and slate as well as some from their modern StoneFlair paving range. Natural stone is about as real as it gets and the banding in your sandstone or the riven profiling of your slate is completely unique to that particularly flagstone and no other.

Bradstone natural limestone is a very popular choice as the blue-black colour makes it ideal for exterior and interior use while sandstone is the most versatile and is available in an array of styles including standard, antique natural sandstone, smooth natural sandstone as well as in setts. Granite setts are also available as are large format natural granite paving flags from the StoneFlair range with an ultra-modern style.

Bradstone Walling

WallingWhile Bradstone may be better known for their extensive selection of paving, they also produce a range of high quality walling. The diverse array of Bradstone walling intended for gardens and outdoor spaces include many styles including Moorland and weathered limestone and sandstone. The irregular shapes of the bricks create a rustic style with an almost Mediterranean feel. The great thing about Bradstone walling is that there are several styles including Panache, Old Town and Ancestry that have matching paving in complimentary colours.

For that bespoke look, but also to make Bradstone walling relatively easy to lay, the composite styles such as Old Town and Madoc which appear to be made up of many small stones of varying dimensions actually come as consistently sized blocks with indents and joints to create this illusion while fitting together as any wall would. This gives you the same look and feel of a handcrafted wall without having to pay premium prices for a specialist stonemason.

StoneFlair by Bradstone

StoneFlair by Bradstone Smooth Natural Sandstone Paving RainbowThe StoneFlair range by Bradstone features some of their most extravagant, eye catching paving choices and tends to be made up of the premium options of their manufactured and natural stone paving as well as StoneMaster block paving. StoneFlair paving generally has a more modern, contemporary style as is the case with Panache paving but certain options that make up the range have an authentic, aged feel such as Restoration paving and Bamburgh Mill. A lot of care and attention to detail has gone into StoneFlair paving, hence the higher prices it tends to come at.

Both StoneFlair and Bradstone paving are manufactured by the same parent company Aggregate who in turn supply a number of Bradstone stockists throughout the UK as mentioned above. While it may cost a few pound more per square meter, I find it is definitely worth making the investment if you’re hoping to create an outdoor space with the wow factor.

Bradstone Carpet Stones & Setts

Bradstone Carpet Stones and SettsSmall format paving options such as carpet stones or setts are a great way to create a characteristic paved area. The versatility of Bradstone carpet stones makes them ideal for patios and pathways alike but driveways are where they really stand out. Like block paving, the small size of carpet stones allows them to bear the weight of cars without breaking giving a welcome break from the monotonous appearance of block paving. Indeed they often bear a close resemblance to the cobble stones of Victorian London and are much more appropriate for the driveways of period houses.

Setts also make ideal features to break up a patio with a centrepiece, dividing lines or borders. The small size of setts also make it easy to create curved paths without having to custom cut each stone as variations in joint width towards the outside of a circle are barely noticeable when the joints between adjacent carpet stones are already so wide.